Museum of Ice Cream

Yesterday, we went to the “Museum of Ice Cream” in San Francisco. This is a temporary, pop-up museum that’s more of an Instagram-ready experience than a typical museum. Before the museum, we looked at the Macy’s windows and the tree in Union Square, then we stopped at the St. Francis Hotel to see the Christmas castles (used to be gingerbread houses, but now they’re just made of sugar).IMG_7240fullsizeoutput_8226fullsizeoutput_8227

Then we went to the museum. There were samples of ice cream, cotton candy, mochi, and more. And lots of spaces to play with oversized items like gummy bears and unicorns. And a room made of mirrored tiles.image2IMG_7255Museum of Ice CreamIMG_7294IMG_7264

And at the end, a pool made of sprinkles…fullsizeoutput_81e1Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream

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