New Year’s Getaway

After Christmas, we went to Sonoma with Grammy and Carolyn. We were a little late in making a plan, so we ended up at a house in Windsor, which is a very cute small town south of Healdsburg. There isn’t much to do there, but they do have great playgrounds!img_5548

We saw a man walking his dog each day next to the playground. He had just purchased a drone and was walking the drone along with the dog. Ben was mesmerized by the drone.img_5572

Back at the house, Ben and Carolyn made fortsimg_4393fullsizeoutput_744e

Windsor had a tree decorating contest downtown. Windsor seems to have some kind of tie to Charles Shulz, so there were Peanuts characters everywhere.img_5561fullsizeoutput_744dimg_5568

And finally, here are a few other photos from vacation.img_4406img_5559

New Year’s Getaway

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